Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 15:44:15 -0700

>I'm not aware of any Gundam Wing novels apart from manga, but there are
>quite a few UC ones apart from the novel trilogy, penned by Tomino himself,
>such as a novelization of Char's Counterattack and also Flash of Hathaway,
>which tells the fate of the Noah family.

There is actually an extensive library of Gundam novelizations.
Beginning with Tomino's original trilogy, there are novelizations of
Zeta, ZZ, CCA/B's Children, Hathaway's Lithgtning, ALICE's Regret (Sentinel),
F91, Secret Meeting (a novel that focuses on the NewType bond between Amuro
and Lalah), Gundam Wing (TV), Endless Waltz, a Duo side story, and a set
of G Gundam novels I believe. There might be more but I can't think of
them right now.


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