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> >I have a question-why do bridge crew don normal suits during battle in
> >space? I suppose it's because they'll be useful in case they have to
> >abandon
> >ship, or in case there's a hull breach.
> >Am I right?
> >
> >Chris
> Right on the money. If there's a hull breech or some other incident that
> causes the ship to lose pressure in a compartment, this'd help the crew to
> survive. Likewise, MS Pilots will wear a pilot suit in the cockpit, even
> when they have a pressurized cockpit. (Char in most of 0079 being a notable
> exception to this...)

And lalah Sun takes him to task on this, exacting a promise to wear a pilot suit
in future.

Not that hers helped her very much, since her faceplate was shattered when the
Elmeth's hull was breached....


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