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So it's basically a "Dom Marine"?

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Chris Maier asks,

> I'm a little confused...are these related to the Dom funf, which appears
> breifly at the beginning of 0083 and also in the Wonderswan SD game, or
> they related to the Dom tropical test type?

  They're definitely based on the MS-09F Dom Fuenf. (Does the straight Fuenf
actually appear in the Wonder Swan "G Generation Gather Beat" game, or just
wacky variants?) Supposedly the changes made in the Tropen were based on
data from the Tropical Test Type, but in all honesty the adaptations made to
these different tropical types have nothing in common...


* Long-range communications antenna
* Coolant tank on backpack (connected to head)


* Dust filters on leg intakes
* Hovercraft skirts on feet

  The Dowadge seen in ZZ is a more obvious successor to the Tropical Test
Type, since it has the antennas and coolant tank (now identified as
propellant, though). The Tropen strikes me as merely an alternative solution
to the challenges of desert & tropical environments.

> I'm quessing that the Tropen is
> intended to be the desert/ground variation of the Funf, which is, in a
> which is sort of a third Dom series which never saw mass-production.

  Right. I'm actually pretty curious about the Fuenf - it seems to be, at
the very least, adaptable for land & space use. Perhaps its thrusters even
do double duty as jets & rockets, in which case it would combine the
functions of the Dom and Rick Dom into a single mobile suit. In this case,
it might be the generalized form that the Dom series would have taken had it
not been shelved in favor of the Gelgoog. (Perhaps that's why the Tropen
version is seen on Earth, where Dom production continued until the end of
the war.)

  As for the Rick Dom II, it's probably strictly a space unit (given in its
name). In this case it likely has no jet capability, and hence no
long-distance hovering ability (since it would quickly run out of
propellant). The green version seen 0080 may simply be painted for camoflage

  Thus, my theory posits the Rick Dom II as a simple performance upgrade to
the space-specific Rick Dom, while the Dom Fuenf would be a new generation
of Dom-type mobile suit designed for use in all environments...

-- Mark

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