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> I sure hope they will eventually decide to reprint the three Gundam novels.
> Is there any other Gundam novels in Japan, that haven't ever seen a US
> release? Wasn't there a Gundam Wing novelization? I remember hearing
> something about this, but am not sure about it.

Tomino's writen a five-volume novelization of Z Gundam, a three-volume
novelization of Gundam ZZ, an alternative version of Char's Counter Attack, a
two-volume novelization of Gundam F91 and a five-volume novelization of V
Gundam. In addition, the 35-part serialized novels Hathaway's Flash and Gaia
Gear have been published as three-volume and five-volume novelizations,

Other authors have novelized the other series in the saga, but I've only really
kept track of the Tomino works.

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