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>Agreed, except these Aliens have outlasted the Yevethan by 1 book and counting. Also They are still crushing the New Republic. I think the biggest part is the fact that it isn't predictable. I mean yeah the Yevethans were tough, but you knew that all of the major characters would triumph, and there would be a victory. The Yuuzhan Vong have already achieved a higher body, as well as Planet, count. And tell me Vector Prime didn't bring you to tears. I like Salvatore too. I got sick of the bum rap he got from SW fans who didn't like the dirty work he was forced to perform. Especially since the dirty work was suggested by George Lucas himself.

Oh yeah. I don't mean that the Yuuzhan Vong are bad enemies (I do find their philosophy very troubling), I just meant that in some aspects (xenophobia to some extent, their liking of pain, etc.) they are very close to the Yevethans.

And yes, I did almost shed a tear or two at points in the novel. I especially like the after-effects of the events in this novel. Particularly on the relationships between many of the main characters. This kind of thing should have happened long ago in Return of the Jedi. There hasn't been a truly significant death of a major hero in the series since Obi-Wan. Vector Prime did a lot to bring back the fact of the price that some must pay to be heroes. That's one of the reasons I liked the X-Wing books and comics. They weren't afraid to kill some of the squadron members (although the comics almost seemed to be sometimes, and granted some of the pilots have been around for a long, long time).

This new series has done alot to revitalize Star Wars IMO. I especially liked the latest novel, Hero's Trial. I thought it was extremely well written.


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