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Alex Perez asks,

> 1) At the end, when the Gundam pilots weren't willing to kill Marimea's
> troops, wasn't their "noble" peace effort become kind of moot when Heero and
> Wing Zero appear and just Buster Rifle everyone to hell?!

  Yeah, I was wondering about that. In the novelization, writer Sumisawa
claims that advanced ejection-seat technolog saves essentially all the
pilots in the Serpent carriers Zechs chops up in episode 2, and I guess
MO-III is completely evacuated by the time Zechs blows it up, but there's no
way to get around the WIng Zero blowing up the bunker.

  Sumisawa's concept of bloodless warfare strikes me as kind of inane anyway
- it's just as sanitized as the mobile dolls his characters condemn. I
prefer the TV series in this respect, where nobody feels the need to
apologize for busting a few heads. (And remember, Zechs was last seen trying
to drop a huge chunk of metal on Earth to render it uninhabitable - since
when does he flinch at blowing away plebes?)

> 2) I have read in some places that Dorothy Catalonia appears in the EW movie
> version, and she's sort of a good guy, not at all like the psycho who
> stabbed Quatre, can anyone confirm this?

  Yeah, she has a cameo in the movie version. She does undergo some sort of
last-minute catharsis in the TV series. If I recall correctly, her stance is
that it's futile to push pacifism on the masses when, in their hearts, they
yearn for war and violence. Supposedly she was helping Zechs because she
thought his master plan would finally purge humanity of its warlike
instincts. (Another last-minute character reversal, in my opinion.)

  At any rate, Dorothy's role in the Endless Waltz movie is to urge the
common people to take responsibility for peace, working for it themselves
instead of relying on the Gundams to do it for them. (Which is at least
consistent with her position at the end of the TV series.) She instigates
the pitchfork-wielding mob that shows up with Wufei at the end of the
battle, representing the Will of the Common People for True Peace.

> 3) Speaking of which, who was the "leader" of the Gundams? Heero or Quatre?
> My take is that, Quatre was pretty much the leader of Duo and Trowa, but
> Heero and Wu Fei pretty much did whatever they wanted..

  Hah! I think you nailed it. :-)

> 4) Does anyone here think Lady Une may resent Wu Fei for killing Treize?

  Not really... it was pretty much what Treize wanted. (It seems to me like
he figured Zechs would end the war after he was dead - his face-off with
Libra's main cannon comes off as an attempt to sacrifice himself to save his
woefully outmatched troops, not to mention the as-yet-unscathed Earth.)

  But I'm surprised that Noin forgives Wufei for wiping out all her students
at Lake Victoria!

> 5) Wasn't it a bit convenient that Relena sent Zechs out into space before
> he and Heero could get re-acquainted?! (ha ha)

  I think Zechs takes his orders from Lady Une, not Relena. :-)

> 6) Is it just me, or is all of Gundam Wing and EW devoid of on-screen
> romance?! Unless I fell asleep, I saw not a single kiss in the entire
> series.

  Yeah, I think you're right. Maybe they didn't want to disappoint any fans
by confirming the sexual orientation of the characters. :-)

> 7) Though there are no apparent m/f relationships in Wing, there are a lot
> of implied or hinted ones, or so I believe. Feel free to speak your mind on
> these "relationships," imagined or real?

  My two cents...

* Duo: Straight, and almost certainly has something going with Hilde.

* Heero: Doesn't seem to have gotten around to thinking about it yet, but I
think Relena's basically just waiting for him to catch up. Certainly I don't
see him and Duo as being anything other than friends, and even that
relationship seems a bit one-sided.

* Trowa and Quatre: I'm sorry, these two are at the very least
"questioning." Neither has a relationship with a female character that has
even the slightest hint of romance - in fact, even aside from the secret
sister thing, Trowa and Catherine's relationship is aggressively platonic.
The two boys, on the other hand, get positively dewy-eyed over each other.
Like Heero, they may not have thought about this stuff very much yet - but
like Heero and Relena, they seem like a natural pair waiting to happen.

* Dorothy: Who knows what her deal is?

* Sally: Another loner. Wufei's kinda young for her, and Noin's obsessed
with Zechs, so I can't see any obvious romantic attachments for Sally.

-- Mark

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