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Chris "NeoGoji" M.~

Chris Maier wrote:
> OK, so Gundam Wing attracts a sizable female audience due to it's pretty boy
> pilots. But what about those girls that find Relena and the other girls
> their heroines? Where's their merchandise? Also, Gundam Wing might satisy
> model hobbyist, but what about other hobbyists? And how do you get those
> dolls snazzy dresses?
> Well, take one of Gundam's most undermerchandised licensed parodies, the MS
> Girls(Tm) and you have:
> Gundam Wing girls in Gundam armor!
> Relena in Wing Gundam outfit-transforms into the dove of peace!
> Catherine in Heavyarms outfit-Not only does she pack a lot of weaponry, she
> can stun the enemy by flashing them!
> Dorothy in Sandrock costume-Now if only she'd use those blades to fix her
> eyebrows...
> Hilde in Deathscythe costume-The Godess of Death!(Special edition only;
> mass-produced version will be labeled "The Great Destroyeress")
> Sally in Nataku costume-forget the guerilla tactics Sally, you've got a
> 100-foot range flamethrower and fruity Samurai outfit!
> Noin In Talgeese-Couldn't find a punchline for this one....
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