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<< Yeah...I sort of backed away from Star Wars fandom last year, since there
was so much squabbling, fighting, and biterness among the fans- and also
ridiculement from the media.IMHO Phantom Menace pretty much tore things in
half, and the word "Star Wars" doesn't really hold that weight anymore-the
toys don't sell and the hype is so reduced that things are leaking and or
being revealed to the press at even a faster rate than TPM. It seems almost
like some disease that affects people who want to bring back a franchise
over a long absence. Sure, the product might do well ratings or BO wise, but
critically and merchandise wise it's a failure. This happened with The Lost
World, Phantom Menace, and Turn A Gundam, pretty much, although I would
personally argue that all three are actually quite underrated...(Yes, even
Lost World)but let's not get into that.
 Anime might have it's detractors-mostly animation 'experts' and religious
groups, but at least there is sort of a semi-unity in it's fan base.

Well I actually loved TPM and I liked Turn A enough to proofread some of the synopsis for the AMO Tokyo Turn A Site. But I will admit I thought that Jurassic Park II and 3 were just trying to cash in on the original. I don't know if you have read any of the novels, but the continuity is worse then Gundam. Jeff Goldblum's character, and Sir Richard Attenborough's characters both died on the island in the first book. But since only Jeff Goldblum and Sir Richard Attenborough were willing to return for a movie sequel. They were brought back in the Lost World as if nothing happened to them. IT was horrible. but I guess the special effects were enough to carry the sequel in theatres.


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