Scott DiBerardino (
Wed, 06 Sep 2000 14:29:17 -0400

> just a simple question here that i'd appreciate if anyone
> could help me with :
> what's the full name of ZZ's 1st OP?
> i know the common name is "anime je nai", but what does the
> other half of it mean?
> i could only make out "dream", "forgotten", "ancient",
> "earthnoid" or something ard those lines.

First, it's "Anime Ja Nai" -> "This Ain't Animation"

The second part (which I can't remember exactly) is like this part of the
lyrics: "yume wo wasureta furui chikyuu-jin yo". Which is something like,
"Hey you old people of Earth, you've forgotten the dream!"

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