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OK, so Gundam Wing attracts a sizable female audience due to it's pretty boy
pilots. But what about those girls that find Relena and the other girls
their heroines? Where's their merchandise? Also, Gundam Wing might satisy
model hobbyist, but what about other hobbyists? And how do you get those
dolls snazzy dresses?
 Well, take one of Gundam's most undermerchandised licensed parodies, the MS
Girls(Tm) and you have:

Gundam Wing girls in Gundam armor!

Relena in Wing Gundam outfit-transforms into the dove of peace!
Catherine in Heavyarms outfit-Not only does she pack a lot of weaponry, she
can stun the enemy by flashing them!
Dorothy in Sandrock costume-Now if only she'd use those blades to fix her
Hilde in Deathscythe costume-The Godess of Death!(Special edition only;
mass-produced version will be labeled "The Great Destroyeress")
Sally in Nataku costume-forget the guerilla tactics Sally, you've got a
100-foot range flamethrower and fruity Samurai outfit!
Noin In Talgeese-Couldn't find a punchline for this one....

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