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>>>This is OT, but any interesting Star Wars books on the horizon?<<<

Yeah,but are you talking Prequel Era or Classic Trilogy Era? For the Prequel Era there is one book called Rogue Planet which takes place between Episode I and Episode II. It focuses on Anakin and Obi Wan. I haven't read it yet though.

As for the Classic Trilogy, there is a great new series of books coming out, from Del Rey, called The New Jedi Order. There have been some real serious tragedies in this series, but it is REALLY taking Star Wars into interesting new territory. Unlike the previous Bantam series, there is a consistant story arc that has been carefully planned out for the whole book line, so you don't have the generic interchangeability of the previous books from Bantam. Also they aren't afraid to kill off EXTREMELY MAJOR characters, as they do in the very first book Vector Prime. They have taken away the safety net, of the previous books. There is no guaranteed predictable victory in site. And the new Enemy makes the Empire look like the Tooth Fairy Army. If you have more questions e-mail me privately.


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