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1)Probably, but keep in mind Heero was aiming at a heavily armored bunker
with the buster rifle.
2)From what I understand, Dorothy makes a cameo and is rather proud of her
cousin's daughter, saying things like "Maremeia's taking over, fools!" or
something along those lines.
3) Pretty much...these guys really don't follow any orders, but Quatre is
often a pretty good strategist and his peaceful nature is also a rallying
point for the other Gundams.
4)Well, Wufei does become a preventer, so I don't think Lady Une had a huge
problem with it.
5)I supposed she figured that Noin and Zechs needed time to themselves :).
Heero just dissiapeared again...
6)Well, Amuro and Lalah really didn't have that much of a relationship, and
Kou and Nina kept making the wrong moves and she ended up pulling a gun on
him. The Keith and Mora romance actually had more sparks than Kou and Nina,
almost! At least they dated...
7)(A)I don't think Heero, a trained assasin, could ever really commit to a
full-time relationship. Could you imagine this guy raising kids?
  (B) Yeah, pretty obvious. And the word 'love' is used in their
relationship at least once.
  (C)Even more apparent than B. I've read that apparentally Lady Une might
have been Trieze's mistress or something along those lines, and then he gave
her a job in Oz.
  (D)I agree.
  (E)Wufei had a wife and when she died-using a Talgeese against the
alliance, Wufei imagined her spirit was in the Gundam. His wife believed she
was Nataku, an ancient Chinese warrior. But when he finally blows up Nataku
at the end of EW, perhaps he's ready to move on?
 (F)He seems to care for Catherine like a sister, mostly.
 (G)Don't really think so....

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Just finished Gundam EW for the 4th time, still awesome! I have some
questions, though...

1) At the end, when the Gundam pilots weren't willing to kill Marimea's
troops, wasn't their "noble" peace effort become kind of moot when Heero and
Wing Zero appear and just Buster Rifle everyone to hell?!

2) I have read in some places that Dorothy Catalonia appears in the EW movie
version, and she's sort of a good guy, not at all like the psycho who
stabbed Quatre, can anyone confirm this?

3) Speaking of which, who was the "leader" of the Gundams? Heero or Quatre?
My take is that, Quatre was pretty much the leader of Duo and Trowa, but
Heero and Wu Fei pretty much did whatever they wanted..

4) Does anyone here think Lady Une may resent Wu Fei for killing Treize?

5) Wasn't it a bit convenient that Relena sent Zechs out into space before
he and Heero could get re-acquainted?! (ha ha)

6) Is it just me, or is all of Gundam Wing and EW devoid of on-screen
romance?! Unless I fell asleep, I saw not a single kiss in the entire
series. What's up with that? Of course you can make the argument that
they're all just kids... but then again Turn A has kids, too, and there's
some romance in that series. Is there another Gundam series out there with
no on-screen romance??

7) Though there are no apparent m/f relationships in Wing, there are a lot
of implied or hinted ones, or so I believe. Feel free to speak your mind on
these "relationships," imagined or real?

a) Relena + Heero - Pretty damn obvious! It's amazing how much the
Yaoi/Shonen-ai sites try to shoot this one down, implying that Heero likes
Duo more than Relena (WTF?!) True, R & H never kiss, though they were VERY
close in episode 48 (next to last episode), when they were in the space
suits. And of course, there was the cute "collapsing into your arms" end of
EW. I know some people will say, "Look he left her at the end of EW"! I
counter, "How do you know he isn't coming back"?!

b) Noin + Zechs - Also an obvious one, actually I think this one is the most
apparent and open. Then again Noin and Zechs aren't teen agers...

c) Lady Une + Treize - See b)

d) Hilde + Duo - I would like to think this is a somewhat romantic
relationship. I have trouble believing that they are more brother and sister
than boyfriend/girlfriend because they live together, and apparently have
lived together for 2 years, from the end of the series to EW. (Teenage guy +
teenage girl living together folks, need I explain what goes on?!) Also,
Duo's nightmare when he killed Hilde with Wing Zero and his reaction when
she almost died getting the disk indicates that these kids probably like
each other.

e) Sally + Wu Fei - I don't know about this one. It seems like Sally likes
Wu Fei, as she looks happy at the end of EW with Wu Fei, don't know if he
likes her. Heck, does Wu Fei like anyone??

f) Trowa + Catherine - Again, I don't know what to make of this. Of course
there's the Episode Zero, where it is implies they are truly blood
relatives, but if we throw that out who knows?! They seem to care about each
other, that much is certain

[NOTE: Given how many on this list insist I throw out the epilogue in
criticising 08th MS Team, I sure as hell have the right to "remove" Episode
Zero from the AC continuity!]

g) Quatre + Dorothy - Not really a relationship, but sort of alter egos, two
sides of the same coin. Just a question... Have they met before the series
or something? Because how do they know each other's names when they "battle"
each other with the Zero system??

Well, there's my view of the infamous Gundam couples. Feel free to bash,
refute, or add to these views.


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