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I'm not aware of any Gundam Wing novels apart from manga, but there are
quite a few UC ones apart from the novel trilogy, penned by Tomino himself,
such as a novelization of Char's Counterattack and also Flash of Hathaway,
which tells the fate of the Noah family.

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<< By way of solace, there will be three new BattleTech novels from Roc
 Books) in that time frame: BattleTech #49: Path Of Glory by Randall Bills
 (December 2000), BattleTech #50: Flashpoint by Loren L. Coleman (April
 BattleTech #51: Test Of Vengeance by Bryan Nystul (June 2001). >>

  Well, that's good news. I forgot to make a list of what Battletech books
I've, so now I don't know which of the older ones I need to read or have
read!! :)

  I sure hope they will eventually decide to reprint the three Gundam
Is there any other Gundam novels in Japan, that haven't ever seen a US
release? Wasn't there a Gundam Wing novelization? I remember hearing
something about this, but am not sure about it.


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