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This is OT, but any interesting Star Wars books on the horizon?

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I just got the forecast of upcoming American books through to June 2001 and
Gundam novelizations will not be forthcoming. Despite the popularity of
Wing and, by extension, All That's Gundam, Ballantine Del Rey apparently
perceives these books as losers. This may change if this For The Barrel
reinterpretation of the original series actually gets animated.

(Aside: One of the new characters is named Mark C. Cran. Isn't that the
of the protagonist of G-Saviour, played by Brennan Elliot, also rendered as

By way of solace, there will be three new BattleTech novels from Roc
Books) in that time frame: BattleTech #49: Path Of Glory by Randall Bills
(December 2000), BattleTech #50: Flashpoint by Loren L. Coleman (April 2001)
BattleTech #51: Test Of Vengeance by Bryan Nystul (June 2001).


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