James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 01:42:29 -0800

Am I the only one into Turn-A here?

Well, if anyone cares, here are some more things I've picked up about
the series.

-You know that tri-barreled machine gun on the forearm of the
Kapool?--It's from the Drissen. So we have another MS cameo, sort of.

-According to Newtype's Sept. insert about SD Gundam G Gen. F...Turn
A is definitely alternative universe and takes place in C.C. 2345.
What does C.C. stand for? Maybe Current century?

-Thumbs up for hobby japan's Turn A Gundam 3d Book. In addition to
the pics of models it also includes a fair amount of line art,
character pics, and screen shots. The high point of the book is an
exquisite model of the Turn-X. Even though it's only 1/100 scale it
is so detailed that 9 people are credited with its construction!

-Newtype's 100% collection of Turn A (pt. 1) is only average. Most of
the few color pages are pics previously seen in the magazine (or on
wingzero.net ^_^;) and the rest of the book is stuff you can find in
the much better Turn-A, Memory of first Wind book.

-Are there 4 Turn-A CDs. I've seen pics of a symphonic Turn-A CD.
Does anyone know about this?


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