Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 22:39:13 -0700

>I just got the forecast of upcoming American books through to June 2001
>and the
>Gundam novelizations will not be forthcoming. Despite the popularity of
>Wing and, by extension, All That's Gundam, Ballantine Del Rey apparently still
>perceives these books as losers. This may change if this For The Barrel
>reinterpretation of the original series actually gets animated.

Hmm... you're rather optimistic about that. There are several Gundam Wing
novelization out there - the TV series, Endless Waltz, a Duo side story,
and possibly more (I don't really follow up on that), and these were
translated into Chinese too. Despite the popularity of Gundam Wing in the
U.S., the number of English-translated version of these novels remain, to
this day, zero. I doubt For The Barrel will be an exception to the rule.

You're probably better off learning to read Japanese or Chinese than to
expect any U.S. publisher to release English translations of these novels...
by the time you master either language there is probably still no Gundam
novels in English except for the out-of-print trilogy, but it wouldn't be
an issue for you by then.


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