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Echo|Fox wrote:

> Compared to 08th which had one of my favorite
> Gundams, great GM's,

Man, I hate the boxy GMs of 08th, The GM command and it's 0083 descendants are
much sleeker and cool looking.

> Getting back on track though, a large part of 08th's coolness
> is that the stakes are a bit smaller, the fights are a bit more personal,
> and all in all, this is what wars all about. For every Amuro Rei and Camille
> Vidan, you need a few dozen Shiro's and a few hundred Karen's.

This gets to my other issue with 08th... WTF are they in Gundams?! The show
would be much more enjoyable if they were in GMs. I do really dig all the OYW
cameo mecha though.

> I did add the qualifer that I've only seen about 1/3rd of Zeta,
> and I can't say whether I'll like it more than 08th until I've seen it all.

I could have decided by seeing the first episode of each show.

> On a completely unrelated note, anybody notice that all the sidestory OVA's
> have the coolest GM's? I've really grown to love the GM styling thanks to
> them ... please Bandai, give me a MG GM Sniper II =)

That is definately the coolest design in 08th, but I still don't like the boxy
parts on a GM. On a VOTOM or a CB armor sure, but not on a GM.

---Brett Jensen

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