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> yes, here it is... the Gundam Design Works. It has preproduction sketches
> all kinds of MS's from different series', and there was quite a bit of
> on Wing. I only got to flip through it for about 5 mins when I was at
> Otafest (some lucky bastard picked up a copy for $25cdn before I saw it),
> someone who owns it please chime in if its not actually worth it, but its
> definately a book I'm looking at picking up.

Well I've said it once, I'll say it again... this book disappointed me..
are exactly 12 pages of Gundam Wing, where the lineart goes from medium
quality to so faded you can't see it. You probably thought it had a lot of
wing stuff since it was right next to G Gundam... which got 16 pages of the
same medium to non-existent quality lineart. The included poster is just the
cover art all on one piece of board. I only bought the book for the 11 pages
of 08th MS team, and the 17 pages of coverage in MSGundam, and Zeta.
There are a few color panels of pre-production MSGundam stuff that was
tossed out of the series, a funky Zaku, Guncannon, Guntank, and really out
there Mask Rider looking GM, the GunPele with 'Gun Boy' on the side is
interesting and every single mecha is done in the Parade colors, a white
Guncannon, white Zak and White Guntank... are just some of the pictures
in the back.

The only real reason you might want this book is if you really enjoy
and understand everything in the book by definition is unfinished. When I
was creating the 'Off-Gundam' for my One Year War game, I wanted some
sketches from 08th MS team, and from Blue Destiny, that's when I bought
this book... I ended up giving the PCs regular GMs, eventually giving them
a Gundam ground-type for the 'hero' and the PCs captured an enemy built
Gundam clone which while performing almost exactly like a Gouf (gatling
gun arm and all) looks a lot like the Heavy-Arms from Gundam Wing...


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