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> WTF?!! 0083 20 years old?! The spread betwen 0083 and 08th MS Team was 5 years!!! The first ep. of 0083 came out in '91, while 08th MS debuted in '96!! Get your facts straight! BTW, while the 08th MS Team battles were more "real," 0083 had more exciting action. It had the Gundam "feel," with the colony dropping on the Earth and the whole "save the world" premise. To me, that is essential Gundam. Without it, a series is just a shell of a "true" Gundam.

I. Was. Comparing. It. To. The. Old. TV. Series.

Anyway, I still go by the original premise of Gundam. Real "robots" as tools, not superheroes of their own right, and characters over mecha. So, I don't care too much for over the top "action". I watched Hades Project Zeorymer for that. Now, granted, maybe 08th MS Team's *character* development fell short compared to the old series or even 0080 but there, still, it beat out 0083, at least for me. I'm sure much of the old Gundam "feel" was to appease
the toy companies as much as anything else. You can keep it. If you want to concentrate on the unrealism of the super battles and the magical Gundams abilities then why discuss the relative believability of Minovsky particles and nuke powered mechs? Why wonder how a beam saber would work? Who cares, so long as the hero mech flies by and around every enemy shot while simultaneously greasing every opponent within half an AU, right?


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