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If you want production sketches you'll want to look at ... hmm ... crap I
can't remember the name. Give me a second, I saw it at Gundamshop .... Ahh
yes, here it is... the Gundam Design Works. It has preproduction sketches of
all kinds of MS's from different series', and there was quite a bit of stuff
on Wing. I only got to flip through it for about 5 mins when I was at
Otafest (some lucky bastard picked up a copy for $25cdn before I saw it), so
someone who owns it please chime in if its not actually worth it, but its
definately a book I'm looking at picking up.

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> Although I'm mostly a UC nut, I do have a soft spot for Wing, and Gundam > books-for any series-aren't as easy to find as the models these days. > Anyhow, I noticed two Gundam Wing books at my local hobby shop, both $30. > One was called "Complete Operation" or something along those lines, and the > other was something like "photo file one". > So how are these books? I don't want a book loaded with Bishonen pictures, > but rather with design pics(Like maybe preproduction sketches, storyboards > etc)and mecha and ensemble pics. I'd also like to know if the books have > pics you wouldn't be able to find easily on the net(at places like say, > > ) > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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