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That's exactly why I've come to dislike 0083. Perhaps dislike is too strong
a word though, but, like Wing, the more "other" Gundam I see the less cool
it seems. Save for the wonderful GM's and the GP-02, I happen to think the
new mechanics, frankly, suck. Compared to 08th which had one of my favorite
Gundams, great GM's, and a nice assortment of OYW baddies looking better
than ever. I also prefer the smaller scale of 08th ... how many times can
you try and drop a colony on Earth, really? Remember, a Gundam isn't
supposed to be a superhero, its an engineering testbed with some hot new
tech, but it can get damaged too. I honestly didn't feel any of the battles
in 0083 were overly memorable. The Alex vs the Kampfer in 0080 was
memorable. Norris' Gouf vs the entire 08th MS team was memorable. All in
all, 0083's battles felt a bit stale, felt a bit too much like we'd been
there before. Getting back on track though, a large part of 08th's coolness
is that the stakes are a bit smaller, the fights are a bit more personal,
and all in all, this is what wars all about. For every Amuro Rei and Camille
Vidan, you need a few dozen Shiro's and a few hundred Karen's. Seeing that
battles can be won without the newtypes riding in to save the day is great,
and something I'd like to see more of.
Now before I did add the qualifer that I've only seen about 1/3rd of Zeta,
and I can't say whether I'll like it more than 08th until I've seen it all.
In all likelihood I will, but I can't really say without seeing it all for
myself, so you oldtimers can rest easy =) I will say its my favorite OVA
series, though.
On a completely unrelated note, anybody notice that all the sidestory OVA's
have the coolest GM's? I've really grown to love the GM styling thanks to
them ... please Bandai, give me a MG GM Sniper II =)

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> WTF?!! 0083 20 years old?! The spread betwen 0083 and 08th MS Team was 5 years!!! The first ep. of 0083 came out in '91, while 08th MS debuted in '96!! Get your facts straight! BTW, while the 08th MS Team battles were more "real," 0083 had more exciting action. It had the Gundam "feel," with the colony dropping on the Earth and the whole "save the world" premise. To me, that is essential Gundam. Without it, a series is just a shell of a "true" Gundam. >

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