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>are you serious??? i know i'm not as bad as kai
>shiden...but that reason just strikes me as totally
>ridiculous (no offense intended). to purposefully
>lay oneself on the firing line for the sake of kill
>counts? i know there's a matter of pride and bragging
>rights involved, but wouldn't taking increased risks
>(as if combat flying isn't risky enough) a tad absurd?
>anyone with real combat air time confirm this? if i
>were an ace, i'd rather be colored like a normal joe
>and take advantage of surprise element. honorable
>fighting is a figment of fiction.

actually, i remember my take on this....the ace is the bait, that's why
he's so garrickly, err, garishly colored...a really good ace actyually is
not only good in himself, but would also have lesser aces as wingmen. You
can imagine the temptation to shoot, only to be shot down by somene else.

>>(I suppose
>> this reason is
>> negated by modern gun and missile cameras?)
>yup. and computer systems. i suppose there'd be
>friend or foe profile systems, no?

right on both counts.

>> Another reason for the colors is that squad leaders
>> would want to be
>> distinctive so that their pilots could quickly
>> identify their leader
>> and know whether to retreat, get in formation, etc.
>this is a more feasible reason.

i guess that makes the MS's colors their sort of regiment standard or

>> This would be
>> very important with the limited communications of
>> the Gundam era. In
>> fact, in the flying circuses of WWI, every plane was
>> painted
>> differently so that everyone could indentify each
>> other quickly in a
>> dog fight. Thus experienced pilots could quickly
>> come to the aid of
>> the novices, if they saw they were in trouble.
>> And then we have the good old intimidation factor.
>or the giggle effect of, say, a hobby hizack. ;)

it could be worse. remember the color combinations of the F91 bad guys?
or the Zakurello?

>> So proudly paint your MS in day-glo colors!

>i bet the tallgeese painted in marvin the martian
>colors (hey, the helmet fits...) would shock the socks
>off anyone. yeah!

I wonder how one paints pink paisley?

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