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Brett Jensen wrote:

> Miami vice??? Please explain?

You know, Miami Vice - pastels. I saw more pink and mint ice-cream green in there than
I ever want to see in a Gundam show again.

> As far as cool battles go, 0083 has it beat by a mile. If you want realism watch VOTOMS, I
> think a Gundam size mecha hiding in a river is about as far from realism as you can get.

Gundam, the king of real robot shows and I'm *not* supposed to want realism? There are some
pretty deep rivers around here but, so what, Gundam is not a river-based show. I was talking
about the city battles, the two Gundams vs. the three tanks battle, etc. I've had my fill of
robot shows where the main mechs have godlike powers or are impregnable to enemy weapons.
0083's animation was poorer, too. The walk cycles and such were less refined. I'd kill to
pilot that mobile artillery piece, though, that was the highpoint of that whole first
battle. Still, it pales, for me anyway, next to the end battle in 08th. That GM Sniper
rocked! And the Gouf fight, that was exactly how I imagined mechs going after each other.
Seeing the Gundam's gun go empty and then swapping clips, the little things were what sold it
for me as much as the big ticket scenes.


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