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James Boren wrote:

> Actually I rather like this book, okay, it is expensive for it's
> size, and it's mostly monochrome but it's the little notes that Mead
> writes in the margins that make this book a gem. These notes give you
> a glance at how tomino views gundam, and how the whole creative
> process of turn A came to be, IN ENGLISH!

I agree. Could have been bigger but I'm a Syd Mead fan so this was a great book
for me to buy. It will dispute a lot of the "What the fuck was Mead smoking when
*he* came up with that?!?" bleatings once it's revealed that Tomino was behind

> I think it's a great book, but it's probably more for those into the
> process of mecha design rather than the finished products.
> -James

Yes, it's like a behind the scenes for the Turn-A show itself.


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