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Richie Ramos wrote:

> personally, that depends on how it's used. even low built tanks are now useless
> thanks to smart munitions and bomblet systems; i can foresee the use of mecha
> in places where even tanks would have a hard time. if a mecha can be made that
> can evade fast by movement, then it offsets the problem of being hit somewhat.
> just my two cents.

I agree. A secondary mobility system like the Roller Dash wheels on a AT, or the hover
jets on a Dom would make a Humanoid machine very fast as well as agile. I do however
(Grudgingly) admit, that an MS sized robot would be pretty impractical. I think a 10-30
foot robot could be very useful though. (madox-Legioss scale)

> there are many experimental weapons with little or no recoil, such as Tesla
> types and railguns. true, they are big ass in size now, but that can be developed
> into smaller packages over time. it's just a matter of all the technology catching
> up.

Power requirements will for the forseeable future be the limiting factor there. I think
slug throwers would work fine. Assuming that the robotic weapon is at least as strong
and well ballanced as a scaled-up human, you could scale up the weapons accordingly. If
a machine was 4 times bigger than a man it could handle (at least) 4 times as much
recoil. That's my theory at least, I'm certainly no physisist though.

> as I've learned from my country's experience with US Bases, nothing is as it
> seems; what the USA called a simple landfill turned out to be a toxic waste
> depot. and then we find a bunker that was marked as abandoned having equipment
> and vehicles which could handle large bomb-like devices. I think i don't trust
> any government to say that what is there in one place is really what is there,
> or the only thing that is.

I don't believe the Mech story. LA is a Nuclear Lab (I have alot of friends who work
for DOE BTW) If the Government were to build such a weapon they would do it at any
number of better locations. I do think the poster had been BS'd by his friend.

> It's no problem, that's why we are a free list. I come from the mentality that
> whatever is already being shown is by necessity already outdated; one always
> keeps their aces close to their chest.

True, I just don't think that this particular annecdote is true.

---Brett Jensen

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