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>>> 0083 designs were probably the most decent of all, why didn't they go with
>>> that? they want shock value or something?

>> Could have something to do with those designs being like ten years old or
>> something.
>> And do you mean character or mecha design?

> character AND mech designs. (ok, well the mech
> designs were a little overboard...)
> age has nothing to do with their being cool or uncool.
> they look decent, whether or not they were 10 years
> old. just as i find certain modes of fashion (the
> 80's, or 90's hip-hop, for example) to be the height
> of stupidity and morony, whether or not they be old or
> new. changing times have little to do with it.
> then again, i'm the sort who doesn't believe in
> catering to the changing tastes of the casual fans
> (who are mostly fickle).

I imagine designers either follow current fashion (what's hot RIGHT NOW), or
try to forge a new avenue of expression (the avant garde). They might look
at ten year old designs, but only if they wanted to be 'retro'.

You may not think that age has anything to do with cool or uncool, but
millions of teenagers (with money) disagree with you.

-scott \\

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