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Hyun Kye wrote:

> I agree with both of you. In the earliar ages, especially WW I and some in
> WW II, A lot of German ACE pilots used to color their plane little
> differently;;; Red Baron during WW I is one good example of that ^^ But let
> us all remember that Red Baron himself was also shot down by an amateur
> pilot, and this would not have happened if he didn't color Fokker plane
> red.^^

Actually, most of the evidence suggests that the Red Baron was killed by a
Canadian ground crew while chasing a rookie pilot. It would've been hard for
the other pilot to shoot him down, considering he couldn't shake him. And
despite his recognizable coloring, he scored 80 confirmed (+3 unconfirmed) kills
during the war...more than ANYONE else during the war.

Richthofen was shot down previously, but it wasn't an amateur aircrew that shot
him down. If anything, it was extreme luck, as he was hit in the head from an
extreme distance. He brought the plane down in one piece and later rejoined the

This concludes this OT post.

Joaquin Torres

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