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I agree with both of you. In the earliar ages, especially WW I and some in
WW II, A lot of German ACE pilots used to color their plane little
differently;;; Red Baron during WW I is one good example of that ^^ But let
us all remember that Red Baron himself was also shot down by an amateur
pilot, and this would not have happened if he didn't color Fokker plane

And also, there are tons of Ancient Asian generals or lords who got either
captured or got killed, simply because their armour was too fancy and shinny
^^. Those kind of armours tends to make the enemies figure out who you are
and make you look very distinctive as the leader. But because they can
figure out who you are more easily, It will just attract more enemies who
would like to hunt you down for the glory. I guess this can actually help
out some very good generals and all but on the other hand, when you are
running away from the battle, wouldn't your shinny armour just keep on
attracting the enemies more and more and eventually, hunt you down?

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>It was a not unheard of practice in the early days of combat
>aviation. Whether or not you think that applies to MS combat is your
>call. As far as I know, no modern pilots are allowed to modify the
>color scheme of their planes.
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>> >Aces would
>> > more than likely be willing to put up with the
>> > increased risk in
>> > order to get all their kills confirmed.
>> are you serious??? i know i'm not as bad as kai
>> shiden...but that reason just strikes me as totally
>> ridiculous (no offense intended). to purposefully
>> lay oneself on the firing line for the sake of kill
>> counts? i know there's a matter of pride and bragging
>> rights involved, but wouldn't taking increased risks
>> (as if combat flying isn't risky enough) a tad absurd?
>> anyone with real combat air time confirm this? if i
>> were an ace, i'd rather be colored like a normal joe
>> and take advantage of surprise element. honorable
>> fighting is a figment of fiction.
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