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It was a not unheard of practice in the early days of combat
aviation. Whether or not you think that applies to MS combat is your
call. As far as I know, no modern pilots are allowed to modify the
color scheme of their planes.

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> >Aces would
> > more than likely be willing to put up with the
> > increased risk in
> > order to get all their kills confirmed.
> are you serious??? i know i'm not as bad as kai
> shiden...but that reason just strikes me as totally
> ridiculous (no offense intended). to purposefully
> lay oneself on the firing line for the sake of kill
> counts? i know there's a matter of pride and bragging
> rights involved, but wouldn't taking increased risks
> (as if combat flying isn't risky enough) a tad absurd?
> anyone with real combat air time confirm this? if i
> were an ace, i'd rather be colored like a normal joe
> and take advantage of surprise element. honorable
> fighting is a figment of fiction.

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