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>Got some more tidbits may be true or rumor....
>Heard about portable railguns , the "bullets" would blow apart on impact. They
had to
>use a layered and shaped shell approach

no need, I think, to make much of exploding bullets for railguns, since the
sheer inertia of a railgun bullet should be enough to do major damage, travelling
as it does at hypersonic speeds.

>Ball lighting weapons have been invented and were mounted on B1s.. Got the
>power of a nuke without the radiation.
>Apparently the scientist who invented it got enough money from the govt
>to fund his rocket engine development.

These are Tesla weapons, alright. it's not as nasty as a nuke though.

>Heard about plasma guns used on the Iraqi bunkers during the gulf war just
to test em

Plasma projectors? that's weird. that takes a lot of energy.

>It wouldnt surprise me if some of these things I heard are true..
>Yes :"Star Wars" exists too.. Ever wonder why Saddaam hasnt bugged us recently?

star wars in the recon sense. satellite based weapons are supposedly still
in orbit, but i have doubts about this.

>Yeah theres supposedly an Island somewhere that houses all the biologial and
>weapons reserves,
> that has the Navy patrol
>30 percent of their ships.......
>I dont know where it is and I DONT WANT TO KNOW!!!

I doubt that it has 30 percent of the navy in on it. in fact, it's probable
that it has just kick-ass passive defenses and no-one nearby.

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