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Richie Ramos wrote:

> >1st off I don't believe we(modern cvilization) have ever built a functioning
> >full size humanoid mecha. We still can't build a control systems that makes
> >them walk well and that famous walking biped robot from Honda(or is it
> >Toyota? don't remeber) represents out top of the line. That one is not much
> >taler than a person, has a big power cord stuck to it and can sort of play
> >soccer and walk down stairs. But it's not quite ready for mecha dueling.
> actually, all the requisite pieces of technology has been around, it's just
> that it's been a question of integration. and how small is the honda robot?
> i firmly believe that we can build a larger version of it. just because we
> have no pics does not mean it isn't possible. Cases in point:
> there are many experimental weapons with little or no recoil, such as Tesla
> types and railguns. true, they are big ass in size now, but that can be developed
> into smaller packages over time. it's just a matter of all the technology catching
> up.

Got some more tidbits may be true or rumor....
Heard about portable railguns , the "bullets" would blow apart on impact. They had to
use a layered and shaped shell approach

Ball lighting weapons have been invented and were mounted on B1s.. Got the destructive
power of a nuke without the radiation.
Apparently the scientist who invented it got enough money from the govt
to fund his rocket engine development.
Heard about plasma guns used on the Iraqi bunkers during the gulf war just to test em
It wouldnt surprise me if some of these things I heard are true..
Yes :"Star Wars" exists too.. Ever wonder why Saddaam hasnt bugged us recently?

> >Los Alamos is mostly a government nuclear laboratory is it not? It's under
> >the energy department. The rest of Los Alamos is a lot of ranch scrub(or was
> >until the recent grass fires.)
> as I've learned from my country's experience with US Bases, nothing is as it
> seems; what the USA called a simple landfill turned out to be a toxic waste
> depot. and then we find a bunker that was marked as abandoned having equipment
> and vehicles which could handle large bomb-like devices. I think i don't trust
> any government to say that what is there in one place is really what is there,
> or the only thing that is.

Yeah theres supposedly an Island somewhere that houses all the biologial and chemical
weapons reserves,
 that has the Navy patrol
30 percent of their ships.......
I dont know where it is and I DONT WANT TO KNOW!!!

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