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>1st off I don't believe we(modern cvilization) have ever built a functioning

>full size humanoid mecha. We still can't build a control systems that makes

>them walk well and that famous walking biped robot from Honda(or is it
>Toyota? don't remeber) represents out top of the line. That one is not much

>taler than a person, has a big power cord stuck to it and can sort of play

>soccer and walk down stairs. But it's not quite ready for mecha dueling.

actually, all the requisite pieces of technology has been around, it's just
that it's been a question of integration. and how small is the honda robot?
 i firmly believe that we can build a larger version of it. just because we
have no pics does not mean it isn't possible. Cases in point:

1) the F22 was already in testing when the "concept" sketches came out. this
is now admitted.

2) Remember the Cobra infantry troopers? the design was taken from an actual
existing uniform design. a lot of people considered it a toy design, not knowing
that it is actually a copy of a test-bed uniform for new tech to be applied
to infantry units.

c) The case of the stealth bomber. It had to be categorized as a UFO before
anyone admitted they were testing it.

My point is, it's highly possible that it was at least in the prototype testing
stage. whether or not it ever became effective is not my point.

>>12 feet tall is pretty easy to pick off and hard to hide. D'ya ever wonder

>why tanks are built about as low as we can make them these days? It's so
>they can fit into concrete revetments and sit behind dunes and the like. Big

>tall stuff gets picked off, knocked down, and
>doesn't last that long under fire.

personally, that depends on how it's used. even low built tanks are now useless
thanks to smart munitions and bomblet systems; i can foresee the use of mecha
in places where even tanks would have a hard time. if a mecha can be made that
can evade fast by movement, then it offsets the problem of being hit somewhat.
 just my two cents.

>The hexapod logging machine which is designed to be a sort of walking
>bulldozer for low envrionmental impact is an example of a simple walking
>"mecha" though it's slow, aimed at logging and forestry and has no combat
>application. It's not-humanoid (as it's name implies). It uses a diesel
>combustion engine last I heard.It's also low to the ground.

no combat application? make it a movable firebase, or other such. it doesn't
have to be actively moving all the time, it could be an artillery emplacement
that can move without being disassembled for transport and other such. human
creativity on usage is always the key.

>What kind of big guns are we talking about here? A 50 caliber machine gun?

>An autoloading mortar or an automatic grenade launcher? Anything else should

>have a lot of recoil for two leags to disapate.

there are many experimental weapons with little or no recoil, such as Tesla
types and railguns. true, they are big ass in size now, but that can be developed
into smaller packages over time. it's just a matter of all the technology catching

>Los Alamos is mostly a government nuclear laboratory is it not? It's under

>the energy department. The rest of Los Alamos is a lot of ranch scrub(or was

>until the recent grass fires.)

as I've learned from my country's experience with US Bases, nothing is as it
seems; what the USA called a simple landfill turned out to be a toxic waste
depot. and then we find a bunker that was marked as abandoned having equipment
and vehicles which could handle large bomb-like devices. I think i don't trust
any government to say that what is there in one place is really what is there,
or the only thing that is.

>Sorry if I am coming off as rude or testy here but this is after all my pet

>If it's real then show me pictures. Tell me how much it weighs. Why wasn't

>it in popular mechanics? The Stealth fighter was. ETc. Etc.
>Maybe I'm wrong but I don't believe a word.

It's no problem, that's why we are a free list. I come from the mentality that
whatever is already being shown is by necessity already outdated; one always
keeps their aces close to their chest.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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