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>Simply put, NO!

>I didn't like 8th MS Team for several reasons.

>1) I didn't really care for the characters at all. I mean, only >at the end
were Shiro/Aina sympathetic, and then again, they >were only slightly
sympathetic. I felt much more for 0083 and >Gundam Wing characters.

0083 charavters better than 08th MS. Shiro is way deeper than Kou!!! So he
looks like the usual fresh lieutenant type at first, once you get into it
though, you realize that he does have a reaonf for his "lets just survive"
belief. Besides, he's on od the better adjusted people out there.

>2) Mecha design - Nothing really new or exciting, just the >standard UC
stuff. Also, I really couldn't get into the "weak" >Gundam premise. Maybe
I'm just biased from the "God-like" >abilities of the Gundams from 0083,
CCA, X, and Wing, but the >Gundam(s) getting their @$$es kicked by a
standard MS is just >laughable and goes against all previous series.

I loved that. Instead of the super robot-ish feel of Wing, G or X, gundam
went back to it's more real robot roots. Gundam is the father of real
robots. Seeing these Gundams as not ultimate weapons makes each ep more
exciting as anything can happen. And what do you mean standard UC? I like
UC mecha, especially the less well known ones. In real life, it's the
little mecha that do most of the work not the hero.

>3) The ending... I kind of liked the conclusion with the little >kids, but
it was kind of too "storybook," with Shiro & Ayna >with the little house and
a kid on the way. I mean, heck, even >Wing wasn't that idealistic!!

Wing not idealistic! C'mon! Destroying all the worlds weapons including the
Gundams in the name of world peace!? If that isn't idealistic I don't know
what is!

>Overall, I think 8th MS was episodic, (continuity was a pain >with episodes
taking place apparently "weeks" after each >other). The court marshal thing
was an unnecessary sub-plot and >CONFUSING. Plus, they made the Gundam look
very weak, and the >characters were poorly developed.

So it was abit episodic. But the hell!!! I wouldn't say weeks!!! The
continuity is fine, the locations may be a bit confusing (at least until you
read the book "Gundam Movies X" that explains why it was like that) but
overall it is fine. The court martial scene was on of the best I've seen.

>Best Gundam series, hardly!
Best Gundam series, yes!!!

wanna see my point? Go over to the Newtype Asylum and see for yourself.

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