Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 22:35:30 -0700

>Anyone out there by chance purchase Four's Counterattack? Is the music as
>hippy as the cover art?

The music is very noisy in the sense that they've remixed and rearranged
the original versions to the max. If you like techno and house music
then this disc is for you. I personally don't like that style of music,
but liked the disc very much because of its energy level pumped into the
old classics.

First half of the disc are the remixed and rearranged songs from the
pre-CCA Gundam TV series with vocals. The second half of the disc are
the karaoke versions of the same songs, so some folks might feel like they
are only getting half of their money's worth.


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