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Mon, 4 Sep 2000 22:09:23 -0800

This question has come up a number of times before, i.e. why char,
Ranba Ral and other aces would paint their MS in easy to target
colors. Well, I believe I've come across the most reasonable

Many airforces require multiple witness in order to verify a kill for
a pilot. Having a very distinctive aircraft, or MS makes such
verification easier. Some grunt can say, "oh yeah I saw this pink
gelgoog take out two GM over at sector x" and it is easier to confirm
the pilot's identity than say, "oh yeah there was this green zaku, I
think it had a one on it's shoulder, or maybe it was a 7?" Aces would
more than likely be willing to put up with the increased risk in
order to get all their kills confirmed. (I suppose this reason is
negated by modern gun and missile cameras?)

Another reason for the colors is that squad leaders would want to be
distinctive so that their pilots could quickly identify their leader
and know whether to retreat, get in formation, etc. This would be
very important with the limited communications of the Gundam era. In
fact, in the flying circuses of WWI, every plane was painted
differently so that everyone could indentify each other quickly in a
dog fight. Thus experienced pilots could quickly come to the aid of
the novices, if they saw they were in trouble.

And then we have the good old intimidation factor.

So proudly paint your MS in day-glo colors!


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