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im tring to make the ac come AFTER the uc timeline,
without some major economicail disater

also, Aaron, meet Aaron, my name is Aaron Ray

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> writes:
> << The AC timeline? That would be very hard to do,
> IMO. I can see the AW
> (After War, Gundam X) timeline being connected to
> the UC one, but AC's is a
> bit difficult because of the differing nature of
> some of the tech. >>
> What exactly are the differences between the UC
> tech. and AC tech., namely
> Gundam Wing? If this applies, which is more advanced
> in their tech., UC or
> GW? Couldn't one be like in the far future? I.E. GW
> could be excused as
> taking place hundred's or thousand's of years after
> UC, with an excuse like
> "Some tech. was lost due to a huge war or natural
> disaster in the Distant
> Past"?
> Aaron
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