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> >alot of colonies blow up in both, if most of the
> >population returned to earth ac could follow uc.
> >
> Not all that many colonies were destroyed in Wing
> (not more than 5 or so if I recall correctly, and if
> their numbers are anything like those in the UC
> timeline, there are hundreds out there).
> And again, in UC, you would have to explain the
> dissappearance of hundreds of colonies.
> The easiest way to get rid of this discrepancy
> between colony types is to say that the AC timeline
> came first, there were far fewer colonies than in
> UC, and that a massive war took place that drove
> mankind back to the Stone Age. Something not exactly
> in line with the theme of Wing.
> And I maintain that AC should be first simply
> because, to me at least, the tech seems more
> primitive than in the UC timeline, and closer to
> modern day tech.

yea but my rpg is taking place after endless walts but
mentioning stuff from uc timeline, the rpg is taking
place 196 ac.

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