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>cca is char's counter attack but what are the rest

MSG is Mobile Suit Gundam, the original tv series, on which the three movies are compilations. Zeta Gundam was the second tv series.

>alot of colonies blow up in both, if most of the
>population returned to earth ac could follow uc.

Not all that many colonies were destroyed in Wing (not more than 5 or so if I recall correctly, and if their numbers are anything like those in the UC timeline, there are hundreds out there).

And again, in UC, you would have to explain the dissappearance of hundreds of colonies.

The easiest way to get rid of this discrepancy between colony types is to say that the AC timeline came first, there were far fewer colonies than in UC, and that a massive war took place that drove mankind back to the Stone Age. Something not exactly in line with the theme of Wing.

And I maintain that AC should be first simply because, to me at least, the tech seems more primitive than in the UC timeline, and closer to modern day tech.


> blind target is a series, it was a radio series
>to take place between GW and Endless walts to set up
>wei-fei for his part in endless walts

Ah, ok. Forgot about that one. Having never heard it before, I wouldn't know anything. Sorry.


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