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><< The AC timeline? That would be very hard to do, IMO. I can see the AW
>(After War, Gundam X) timeline being connected to the UC one, but AC's is a
>bit difficult because of the differing nature of some of the tech. >>
> What exactly are the differences between the UC tech. and AC tech., namely
>Gundam Wing? If this applies, which is more advanced in their tech., UC or
>GW? Couldn't one be like in the far future? I.E. GW could be excused as
>taking place hundred's or thousand's of years after UC, with an excuse like
>"Some tech. was lost due to a huge war or natural disaster in the Distant

I was refering to things like how the AC naval ships appear like their modern equivalents, as do the planes, tanks, etc. The colonies are of a far different type than the O'Neil cylinders, etc.

If you want to use the excuse of "Some tech. was lost due to a huge war or natural disaster in the Distant
Past", then I'd suggest that Wing came first...but it still wouldn't explain how all those colonies just up and vanished. Well, unless they had a war like what happened in the beginning of Gundam X, and they were all dropped on Earth or the moon.

As for which is more advanced, UC tech has always seemed more advanced than the tech seen in Wing, IMO.


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