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> >
> >i know char shows up in char's counterattack, but
> in
> >what else does char show up in, and what part does
> he
> >play, include his part in char's counterattack,
> please
> >everyone.
> Char is in three different Gundam shows (well, four
> if you count the MSG movies and the MSG series as
> different): MSG, Zeta and CCA. In MSG, he is
> fighting mostly to avenge his father on the Zabis,
> and to a much lesser degree for the freedom of the
> spacenoids. In Zeta, he is fighting against the
> brutality of the Titans. And in CCA, his overt
> reasons are for the freedom of the colonies, and to
> remove Earth as a viable habitat for humanity, thus
> allowing the evolution of man into newtypes. Many
> are the debates we've had on this list for his
> hidden purposes for his movement in CCA (ranging
> from his overt one to simply trying to force a final
> confrontation with Amuro over the death of Lalah
> Sun).
cca is char's counter attack but what are the rest

> >
> >also i'm am runing a rpg, and i was hoping for
> ideas
> >on how to fit toghter tthe uc timeline and the ac
> >timeline
> >
> The AC timeline? That would be very hard to do, IMO.
> I can see the AW (After War, Gundam X) timeline
> being connected to the UC one, but AC's is a bit
> difficult because of the differing nature of some of
> the tech.
alot of colonies blow up in both, if most of the
population returned to earth ac could follow uc.

> >TARGET!!!??? please
> >
> Which episode was that again? IE, what point in the
> series?

     blind target is a series, it was a radio series
to take place between GW and Endless walts to set up
wei-fei for his part in endless walts

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