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I thought I mentioned something about my experience some time ago.

I pre-ordered a Endless Waltz Talgeese III from gundamshop.com. After a few
weeks, I was notifed that they had just recieved a huge shipment and my
order would go out shortly. I after about a week and not seeing my kit, I
e-mailed them and asked what the status was and they said that they had such
a big rush on kits, that my order hadn't shipped yet. I got it about a week
after that. It ended up taking just a little over 14 days to get my kit.

I was a little upset. These guys are owned by ehobbies.com, which also owns
nextplanetover.com a huge comic and toy collectable store, why the hell
would they not have the staff to do simple stuff like pack a box, label it,
put it on the pallet, pack a box, label it, put it on a pallet... rinse,

I e-mailed them and thanked them for finally sending me my order, but that I
felt that a week to actually ship an in-stock item was ridiculous and I
would never purchase a kit from them again. I explained that they weren't
the only store that sold the kits...

Like I told them, 4 kits later, I've never used them again.


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> These guys are pretty good, provided the item you've ordered is in stock.
> ordered 3 0080 kits from them 2 months ago and got them in 3 days time.
> bad in my opinnion when compared to say HLJ's return time. I don't like
> some of the prices, but they remain about average for an imported kit.
> I do remember someone else ordering from GundamShop.com, and wonder if he
> ever got his order? I know he was waiting for a month at the time I asked
> about gundamshop on this list.
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