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>ok i've seen gundam movies 1-3, gundam 0080, gundam
>wing, the first ep. of endless walts, half of gundam
>0083, and the first ep. of ms. moblie unit 08.
>i know char shows up in char's counterattack, but in
>what else does char show up in, and what part does he
>play, include his part in char's counterattack, please

Char is in three different Gundam shows (well, four if you count the MSG movies and the MSG series as different): MSG, Zeta and CCA. In MSG, he is fighting mostly to avenge his father on the Zabis, and to a much lesser degree for the freedom of the spacenoids. In Zeta, he is fighting against the brutality of the Titans. And in CCA, his overt reasons are for the freedom of the colonies, and to remove Earth as a viable habitat for humanity, thus allowing the evolution of man into newtypes. Many are the debates we've had on this list for his hidden purposes for his movement in CCA (ranging from his overt one to simply trying to force a final confrontation with Amuro over the death of Lalah Sun).

>also i'm am runing a rpg, and i was hoping for ideas
>on how to fit toghter tthe uc timeline and the ac

The AC timeline? That would be very hard to do, IMO. I can see the AW (After War, Gundam X) timeline being connected to the UC one, but AC's is a bit difficult because of the differing nature of some of the tech.

>TARGET!!!??? please

Which episode was that again? IE, what point in the series?


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