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>Simply put, NO!

Simply put, YES!

>2) Mecha design - Nothing really new or exciting, just the standard UC stuff. Also, I really couldn't get into the "weak" Gundam premise. Maybe I'm just biased from the "God-like" abilities of the Gundams from 0083, CCA, X, and Wing, but the Gundam(s) getting their @$$es kicked by a standard MS is just laughable and goes against all previous series.

You do realize that this was set during the OYW, when the Gundam was VERY new right? And when the only new mecha they could really add without totally upsetting (well, ok, without upsetting it any more than you do by adding these ground based Gundams to begin with) the timeline was a mobile armor? As for Gundams getting their asses kicked by standard MSs, well let's X, you see a Gundam X getting blasted to pieces in the opening footage; in CCA, the ReGZ gets blasted to pieces; in 0080, the Alex gets hacked to death by a Zaku (a ZAKU with a HEAT HAWK and some grenades for crying out loud...and you say the ones in this series were weak?); in 0083, the GP01 gets blasted by Cima; in MSG, the Gundam is destroyed in the end, and severely damaged by the Gyan in the series and Char's Gelgoog in the movies; in F91, the F91 ends up destroyed; and even in Wing, you get some of the Gundams blasted by Leos equipped with beam cannons and the like.

The Gundam is a weapon of war. Once it starts going up against equivalent weapons, or even inferior weapons in the hands of the talented or the desperate (ie, not afraid to die), they are damaged and destroyed just as easily as any other.

>3) The ending... I kind of liked the conclusion with the little kids, but it was kind of too "storybook," with Shiro & Ayna with the little house and a kid on the way. I mean, heck, even Wing wasn't that idealistic!!

I admit, that is a bit cheesy, but as has been said before, the epilogue episode wasn't really the end of the true series. The true series ended in episode 11 leaving one to determine for themselves what happened, just like CCA. While I personally like the idealistic ending of the epilogue ep because I really liked Shiro and Aina, I can see how it would not be everyone's cup o' tea. But think about it this get to that ending, both Shiro and Aina had to give up EVERYTHING that had been important to them previously. Command of a good unit, friends, comrades, good careers. Aina even had to help kill her own brother. So, personally, I think they are due a little happiness. But maybe that is the American in me talking. Then again, I also think that the original ending to Return of the Jedi, where Lando dies on the Falcon as it explodes trying to escape the Death Star II's destruction would have been better than what we ended up with. I even like how Chewbacca died in one o!
f the recent books.

And also, F91's ending was idealistic in its own way, as was the one to Wing. Even CCA had a kind of idealistic ending. 0083 too. About the only Gundam that I have seen the ending for that was not idealistic in some way in the end was 0080.

>Overall, I think 8th MS was episodic, (continuity was a pain with episodes taking place apparently "weeks" after each other). The court marshal thing was an unnecessary sub-plot and CONFUSING. Plus, they made the Gundam look very weak, and the characters were poorly developed.
>Best Gundam series, hardly!

Here's why I say it is one of the better Gundam series (at present behind only Zeta IMO): I like the ground based action (hey, I'm a fan of BTech and this is some of the closest anime I've seen to that so far), I liked the characters in the 08th MS Team, and Aina too of course, and it does better at treating the Gundam as I've felt it should be treated (see above). And I liked the feeling of the episodes. At least it didn't have its pilots switching sides ever 15 episodes or so like Wing did.


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