Alex Perez (
4 Sep 2000 16:50:42 -0700

Simply put, NO!

I didn't like 8th MS Team for several reasons.

1) I didn't really care for the characters at all. I mean, only at the end were Shiro/Aina sympathetic, and then again, they were only slightly sympathetic. I felt much more for 0083 and Gundam Wing characters.

2) Mecha design - Nothing really new or exciting, just the standard UC stuff. Also, I really couldn't get into the "weak" Gundam premise. Maybe I'm just biased from the "God-like" abilities of the Gundams from 0083, CCA, X, and Wing, but the Gundam(s) getting their @$$es kicked by a standard MS is just laughable and goes against all previous series.

3) The ending... I kind of liked the conclusion with the little kids, but it was kind of too "storybook," with Shiro & Ayna with the little house and a kid on the way. I mean, heck, even Wing wasn't that idealistic!!

Overall, I think 8th MS was episodic, (continuity was a pain with episodes taking place apparently "weeks" after each other). The court marshal thing was an unnecessary sub-plot and CONFUSING. Plus, they made the Gundam look very weak, and the characters were poorly developed.

Best Gundam series, hardly!


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