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> Richie Ramos wrote:
> > >Well Ive heard from some people at Los Alamos(badass research
> > >That about 10 years ago they made a humanoid mech about 12-15 feet
> > >It worked well apparently. It carried big guns and stuff , and had
> > >excellent peformance in the battlefield. It performed better than a
> > >and its intimidation factor was a reason in its development. However
> > >costs of building on was many times more than a tank at the time and
> > >power source required was expensive too... Howver maybe in ten years
> > >will see some as hig tech riot gear and as infantry....
> > >garrick lee wrote:
> >
> > that's about the size of the Appleseed systems. not bad. I always
> > suspected that there was some research in that direction.
> Also the size of a scopedog from votoms. I honestly believe you could
> one of those things. The PRS\muscle cylinders aren't really that far out,
> if you could develop something like that you could probably power the
> thing with an internal combustion engine and batteries. (Ala, Heavy Gear)
> ---Brett Jensen

1st off I don't believe we(modern cvilization) have ever built a functioning
full size humanoid mecha. We still can't build a control systems that makes
them walk well and that famous walking biped robot from Honda(or is it
Toyota? don't remeber) represents out top of the line. That one is not much
taler than a person, has a big power cord stuck to it and can sort of play
soccer and walk down stairs. But it's not quite ready for mecha dueling.

>12 feet tall is pretty easy to pick off and hard to hide. D'ya ever wonder
why tanks are built about as low as we can make them these days? It's so
they can fit into concrete revetments and sit behind dunes and the like. Big
tall stuff gets picked off, knocked down, and
doesn't last that long under fire.

The hexapod logging machine which is designed to be a sort of walking
bulldozer for low envrionmental impact is an example of a simple walking
"mecha" though it's slow, aimed at logging and forestry and has no combat
application. It's not-humanoid (as it's name implies). It uses a diesel
combustion engine last I heard.It's also low to the ground.

What kind of big guns are we talking about here? A 50 caliber machine gun?
An autoloading mortar or an automatic grenade launcher? Anything else should
have a lot of recoil for two leags to disapate.

Los Alamos is mostly a government nuclear laboratory is it not? It's under
the energy department. The rest of Los Alamos is a lot of ranch scrub(or was
until the recent grass fires.)

This reminds me of the time when everybody on rec.games.mecha was spreading
rumors about a power armor being built for the Army by Motorola. I think
it's a just a case of legs being pulled.The whole thing is some kind of deep
black box secret right? An ineffective top secret non conventional platform
that is out performed by a humvee with a bit of armor and a pintle-mounted
got built during an age of gvernment cut backs when there was absolutely no
need or real advantage to it's configuration?

Large humanoid robots are fiction. They are not feasible. They look good on
TV and in movies.

Sorry if I am coming off as rude or testy here but this is after all my pet

If it's real then show me pictures. Tell me how much it weighs. Why wasn't
it in popular mechanics? The Stealth fighter was. ETc. Etc.

Maybe I'm wrong but I don't believe a word.


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