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Richie Ramos wrote:

> >Well Ive heard from some people at Los Alamos(badass research facility)
> >That about 10 years ago they made a humanoid mech about 12-15 feet tall..
> >It worked well apparently. It carried big guns and stuff , and had
> >excellent peformance in the battlefield. It performed better than a tank,
> >and its intimidation factor was a reason in its development. However the
> >costs of building on was many times more than a tank at the time and the
> >power source required was expensive too... Howver maybe in ten years we
> >will see some as hig tech riot gear and as infantry....
> >garrick lee wrote:
> that's about the size of the Appleseed systems. not bad. I always
> suspected that there was some research in that direction.

Also the size of a scopedog from votoms. I honestly believe you could build
one of those things. The PRS\muscle cylinders aren't really that far out, and
if you could develop something like that you could probably power the whole
thing with an internal combustion engine and batteries. (Ala, Heavy Gear)

---Brett Jensen

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