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>>Eddie, I don't know if this is true or even logical, but some word has
>>over here in the Philippines that bandai does know about these ripoffs from
>>china, and in fact has a cut from them.
>There may be some truth to that - this has happened with the music
>industry when pirating music CDs was all the rage in Taiwan - some
>pirates apparently got so huge that the Japanese record labels gave
>them the rights for their catalog in the Taiwan market just so they'd
>get these bigger pirates to go after the smaller pirates. Bandai may
>be doing the same thing since they are probably powerless to do anything
>with the blatant pirating in China since they don't enforce any
>copyright laws there (unless it's their own stuff that got infringed,

Yes, China does enforce that particular one-way policy of theirs. they got
pissed off at Filipinos when we started making our own version of Ma-Ling
(chinese meatloaf), even though it later came out, much to their
embarrassment, that they used political prisoners in their factories. the
worst rumor version of that being that the meatloaf was MADE OF political
prisoners. Soylent green anyone?

>>something to do about having high cost
>>and lowcost production lines...weird. if this is true, then it's one of the
>>sneakiest, most illogical things ever done, but at the same time, is
>They already have all the toys/action figures made there in China.
>From what I hear, usually when a counterfeit plant get busted, the
>rights holder will sometimes make a deal and turn the plant legit since
>the tooling and labor is already in place and is way cheaper than their
>contracted plants, but we were talking about plastic model kits, so
>this probably won't apply, since the recasted plastic injection kits
>made in China hasn't even approached the quality of the Japanese original
>at all.

This might explain a certain discrepancy I noticed. when the paired
zaku/rx79G kit first came out, I bought one and was pleasantly surprised by
the level of quality in both mold and plastic. I was gifted with another
kit like it later this year...and, to my puzzlement, the quality was way
off, and the plastic was closer to what I saw in chinese knock-offs than
the stuff I had in the first kit. Garrick should know about this since he
sold the kit to me...and it is authentic. hmmm...I dunno, it makes pefect
sense somehow.

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