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Subject: Re: [gundam] What's the point of humanoid mecha anyway?

>Gundam Project says the humanoid concept was originally >designed for
>space-use with limbs that could be used for manuvering through
>action/reaction so they could use less propellent than an >ordinary
>I don't know how good this would actually work though...

A freind of mine still asked why the humanoid form and not just have weigths
attached. I'm thinking that the humanoid form adds the bonus of
versatility. Basically, anything that can be usd to a human body can be
used in a larger scale to an MS. for example. Weapons like the panzerfaust
etc. can be used by any MS because it only requires hand movement and not
any adaptor. Also, weapons can be quickly thrown and replaced by any
abandoned weapon in battle.

>Funny thing though, I've never seen them use this theory in any >of the
>animations - movement is done predominantly by thrusters. And >good number
>of UC space MS have thrusters on arms and legs.

Supposedly, when an MS turns, it uses the action reaction (Basically, when
an MS turns to face an opponent it doesn't burn fuel). The thrusters are
more or less for acceleration, braking ang quick maneuvers. The thrusters
on the arms and legs could be for stabilization.

>When MS were first used in gravity, they were less than >spectactular -
>mostly because of their space-use origins. If Zeon had started >off
>designing their new fighter on earth, I'm sure they wouldn't >have chosen a
>humanoid form.


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