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Actually I rather like this book, okay, it is expensive for it's
size, and it's mostly monochrome but it's the little notes that Mead
writes in the margins that make this book a gem. These notes give you
a glance at how tomino views gundam, and how the whole creative
process of turn A came to be, IN ENGLISH!

Some choice notes--

Turn A-
was at one time going to be 30meters tall.
Thoughts of using transparent materials, (i-mac influence?)
EVERYTHING seems to be Tomino's idea, from the missiles in the chest
to the womb cockpit.
The v-fin placement went through many different variations including
not having them at all.
The idea of a face(with eyes) in a helmet, seems to be the most
important feature of a gundam.
The cockpit life support system can hold two persons alive for a week in space.

Moon race weapons are designed primarily for survival- Defense, surveillance

Mobile Rib-
Designed especially for zero-G

I don't this one ever got into the series but it's rather cool. It's
sort of a combination of the Rib and Flat.
(there's a little note that Tomino is getting worried that the
designs have to start looking like they belong in the same story!)

called the Mobile Suit of distraction.
(personal comment--this is the worst design of the whole turn-A
series,Ugh! -James)

It's supposed to look like it's been sliced up and put back together;
like it's a mobile suit that can never die.

I caught Mead writing Light saber instead of Beam saber once!

One of the first pages of drawings contains sketches of the Gundam X,
the RX-79(G) and the Astivales(sp?) from Nadesico!

I think it's a great book, but it's probably more for those into the
process of mecha design rather than the finished products.


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