Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 00:48:07 -0700

>In the case of the old musha cloth gundams, i would say that it's a real rip
>off, but then, what price do you put on memories and wants? I guess that's
>why it can get to those ridiculous prices.

Or not. If no one bids at those inflated prices, they'll eventually have
to lower it down. Case it point: the Clover "DX Gattai" diecast toy of the
RX-78-2 and the G-Armor from the late 1970s, which usually went for hundreds
of dollars on eBay and are way rarer than those Musha Realtype Cloth toys,
went for about $150 just about 30 hours ago on eBay (someone must be really

>sounds like a true snake-oil salesman to me. personally, I steer clear of
>warning people like that that they are @$$holes, since they usually end up
>the wrong person...which leads to a lot of pain on their part. Karma is a

LOL, I'd prefer not to let newbies get ripped off like that, though.
Especially after they got gypped and saw my own postings, thinking that
_I_ ripped off from the person who ripped them off!

>Eddie, I don't know if this is true or even logical, but some word has
>over here in the Philippines that bandai does know about these ripoffs from
>china, and in fact has a cut from them.

There may be some truth to that - this has happened with the music
industry when pirating music CDs was all the rage in Taiwan - some
pirates apparently got so huge that the Japanese record labels gave
them the rights for their catalog in the Taiwan market just so they'd
get these bigger pirates to go after the smaller pirates. Bandai may
be doing the same thing since they are probably powerless to do anything
with the blatant pirating in China since they don't enforce any
copyright laws there (unless it's their own stuff that got infringed,

>something to do about having high cost
>and lowcost production lines...weird. if this is true, then it's one of the
>sneakiest, most illogical things ever done, but at the same time, is

They already have all the toys/action figures made there in China.
From what I hear, usually when a counterfeit plant get busted, the
rights holder will sometimes make a deal and turn the plant legit since
the tooling and labor is already in place and is way cheaper than their
contracted plants, but we were talking about plastic model kits, so
this probably won't apply, since the recasted plastic injection kits
made in China hasn't even approached the quality of the Japanese original
at all.


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